Wheeler High School

Wheeler High School

This major and very complex project was a replacement of a large portion of the existing campus, replacing the original facilities with a new two story structure. This project had six phases lasting until 2014. The new facility will include administration, guidance, a new media center, cafeteria/kitchen and food court serving line, and 48 instructional units. The campus Master Plan designed by FSF includes a new gym and performing arts center.

AREA:  152,500 sq. ft. new    5,000 sq. ft. renovated        PHASE:  Design 2010, Completed August 2014          COST:  $21,350,000

American School and University Magazine - Outstanding Design 2015
American Concrete Institute - First place in Public Works, Education and Learning



02 January 2020




3091 Governors Lake Drive, Suite 150
Peachtree Corners, Georgia 30071
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