The King's Academy

The King's Academy

Providing a modern and functional performing arts center for The King's Academy was accomplished by renovating a building that had been a church.  The school purchased the facility and had used it sporadically for some time for various programs,  However, the school's theatre troupe had to hold performances off campus.  The platform and stage were too limiting for productions.  The building also had inadequate lobby space and restrooms.

The renovation removed the chancel area of the building and replaced it with a working stage with full rigging and support areas such as dressing rooms, a green room, and lobby.  New acoustical treatments along with new lighting transformed the old nave into a wonderful patron's seating area.  Founded just 20 years ago but lacking a strong community identity, the school used this building project on the front of campus to transform its image from a "school in a church" into a modern institution of exceptional learning.




30 October 2020




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